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The Legal Challenges to ABMS Maintenance of Certification

ABMS board certification is not voluntary (despite ABMS member board claims), especially as specialization in medicine is the norm today. And thanks to regulatory capture, physicians who work at ACGME-accredited medical training hospitals in particular must pay for and participate in MOC before funds can be devoted to personally directed continuing professional development (CPD) products provided by others. More

Not getting enough deep sleep may increase the risk of developing dementia

Researchers estimate that every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. Inadequate sleep is a modifiable risk factor for dementia. A new study says as little as a 1% reduction in deep sleep each year for people over 60 years of age equals a 27% increased risk of developing dementia. There are currently more than 55 million peopleTrusted Source around the world living with dementia, and researchers estimate that someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. As the number of people with dementia is expected to hit about 153 million by 2050Trusted Source, researchers have been working hard to find more ways to lower a person’s risk of developing this neurological disease. Many researchers believe inadequate sleep is a modifiable risk factor for dementia. Now, a new study provides more proof by finding that as little as a 1% reduction in deep sleep — also called slow-wave sleep — each year for people over 60 years of age equals a 27% increased risk of developing dementia. More

How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting cigarette smoking cold turkey means cutting all nicotine products abruptly. Tips to help you quit include exercising, chewing gum, and changing your routine, among others.

There are two general approaches to quitting smoking:

Abrupt: This is the cold turkey method, which is when you stop using nicotine products in one shot.

Gradual: This is when you slowly decrease the amount you smoke over a period of time until you quit altogether.

Research is somewhat conflicting on which method is better. However, a 2021 reviewTrusted Source that included 21,542 people in England found that people who quit smoking abruptly were more likely to remain abstinent than those who quit gradually. In a 2019 meta-analysisTrusted Source with similar findings, the authors suggest that people who choose a gradual approach may lose motivation to quit over time. Quitting cold turkey may seem daunting and might not be the right choice for everyone. However, given the damage smoking does to your body, getting it over and done with may have its appeal. Read on to learn more about the process of quitting smoking cold turkey and tips to help you.More

What are herbs?

Herbs are the leaf part of a plant that is used in cooking - these can be used fresh or dried. Any other part of the plant, which is usually dried, is referred to as a spice. These include, for example, barks (cinnamon), berries (peppercorns), seeds (cumin), roots (turmeric), flowers (chamomile), buds (cloves) and stigmas of flowers (saffron). Herbs are a fantastic way to add flavour and colour to any sort of dish or drink, whether sweet or savoury, without adding fat, salt or sugars. In addition to flavour and colour, they each also tend to have their own set of health-promoting properties. Generally, fresh herbs are delicately flavoured, so if adding them to your cooking, do so in the last few minutes. Tasting your dish as you go along will help you tell if you’ve added enough. If not enough herbs are used, then little difference will be made to the flavour of the dish, but if too many herbs are added, their flavour will overpower other ingredients.More